Fleet EV Chargers

EV charging opportunities for fleet operators

Gateway International can provide “Total Solutions for Fleet Operations” you can reduce your fleet costs by 15% to 25% if you transition your fleet from ICE vehicles to EVs. Things to keep in mind are the superior efficiency of electric cars, the moderate price of electricity, and the high utilization of fleet vehicles. These factors allow fleet operators to quickly recoup the extra up-front cost and reduce their total cost of ownership by the following:

  • By transitioning to EV fleet, you can reduce operating expenses (OPEX) up to 25%.
  • Quickly recoup the extra up-front cost of an EV with reduced servicing costs and tax benefits.

Utilize your fleet’s full potential by integrating Gateway International 360/Zevtron platform with current systems with open-loop management system.

Gateway helps you scale your charging infrastructure alongside your vehicles on the road. And this will substantially reduce the environmental impact of your business activities with local technical representatives local to your operation in North America.

Oversee your EV charging process in real time

For a successful EV fleet, you need to stay in full control of your entire charging network and remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues to reduce costs significantly.

EV charging reports and analytics, and billing

Zevtron Charging Platform offers fleet operators access to real-time insights. These include EV drivers’ charging behavior, energy consumption, and more.

Zevtron solves all billing scenarios with automated reimbursement solutions for charging sessions across home, depot, and on-the-road charging. Reporting tools allow fleet operators to analyze data reports from across their entire charging ecosystem and increase real-time cost visibility.

Choose any future-proof charging hardware

You won’t have to worry about outdated infrastructure. Our EV charging cloud solution is future-proof.

Zevtron EV Charging software platform for fleet operators is hardware-agnostic. Following Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), it seamlessly connects with all OCPP-compliant charging stations. This allows you to track and monitor every critical metric for your fleet operator business including usage, charging station performance, etc.