After eight years hard working and efforts, GWI found our target and mission, to provide competitive products and create maximum value for our customers such as:

Innovation and Excellence

We are keen on creation and innovation to provide exemplary products and services.

Hard Working

All people and staff have a tradition of hard working from the very beginning of company establishment. Working hard and play hard is our life principle.

Sincere and Trustworthy

GWI is honest and sincere with each client. We stand behind the quality of all our products and services.

Efficient Execution

In every process and department, the efficiency cooperation and execution are most important in a company, especially in the manufacturing process.

Unity and Cooperation

GWI believes that while a single person's effort is limited, we can together accomplish anything. So, unity and cooperation are always our company faith and value.

Customer Satisfaction

After 24 years of developing, every single customer's satisfaction has become our company value. Making our customer great is making us great.