Gateway International 360's goal is to aid your team through the entire product development process. Through our guided, 4-phase technique, we are able to determine if our capabilities meet your needs and the best way to approach them.

Phase 1: Inquiry Protocols

An initial discussion between us to listen, collect, and share our general skills/capabilities and determine if we are a good fit for your project needs. After this, we establish a NDA to facilitate the further exchange of information.

Phase 2: Design Protocols

A detailed discussion among both teams to get an in-depth understanding of your project needs and for you to gain an understanding of our specific technical capabilities. 

Phase 3: Proposal/Statement of Work (SOW)

Based on the information received in Phase 2, we may mutually agree to create a detailed project proposal or SOW for your project. This SOW will define the project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and business terms.

Phase 4: Project Kick-off

Once we reach agreement on the SOW, together, we'll assemble all of the people and resources necessary to launch your new project!

By following our comprehensive procedures and Elements of an Effective Design, product development, engineering protocols, and client specifications, Gateway International 360 provides you with a whole solution for quality products delivered on time and with significant savings to your bottom line. For more information, visit our Contact Us page to get started!