LED Lighting and Intelligent Controls

With more than 1 million units sold annually, Gateway International 360 is a world leader in the design, development and production of photocontrols, intelligent photocontrols, and receptacles. We continuously update technology to ensure the highest quality and to provide seamless access to exceptional products. Our value-added services enhance your business advantage and profits.

The Difference with Gateway
  • High Quality UL Components: The quality of our products offers users a feeling of security. Our product can be trusted to perform.

  • Custom Relays for Long Life: Custom relays enable quality performance and extended product life.                                  

  • Hydroforming: Our hydroforming technique allows us to create new products in a highly cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

  • Intelligent Controls: Our photocontrols incorporate innovative technologies including Dimming Bluetooth with SMART APP, and Wi-Fi. Verizon Cell and Liquid Web Cloud with management systems for TOTAL SMART CITY. With different interfaces for cameras, alarm systems, and gunshot detection, Gateway International 360's intelligent controls improve both safety and LED lighting, see our family products of the GW-130, GW-132 and GW-150/1500.

Featured Products: