Screw Machining

Screw machines (also known as swiss style or swiss type) are designed to be extremely proficient for the manufacturing of small parts. They are specialized automated metalworking lathes that were first developed in Switzerland during the late 1800s to produce large numbers of identical parts such as screws. These require precision-made parts including shafts, bolts, screws and pins.


To make screws, the machine advances a length of steel rod into position, locks the turret, starts spinning, and introduces tooling to shape the head of the screw, another tool from the side to cut the threads, then from the front a disc to slice a screwdriver slot in the screw head, and finally a cut-off tool to cut the finished screw off the rod. The turret then releases the screw, advances the rod, locks the turret again and repeats the process to make another screw. Each screw takes about 10 seconds.


Gateway International 360 uses screw machining to produce a variety of products specific to the customer while keeping costs and time at a reasonable level. 


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