DC EV Chargers

DC chargers with small footprint charging station design for speed and flexibility with the perfect balance of size and power. GWI products from you from 30Kw-350Kw+. Our units provide fast charging station features three-to-ten-inch touch display to provide drivers with an intuitive charging process - showing instruction and real-time feedback while charging. Compact enough to fit most parking layouts. The all-in solutions offer owner greater flexibility in the choice of requirement, protocols, and installation locations.

DC fast charger is all-in-one charging station design for speed and serviceability. The all-inclusive charger significantly reduction installation and maintenance of our current DC chargers.

GWI is on the edge of technologies with our new EV intelligent DC Charging System launched for EVMS series split type charging stations to meet market’s demand for next generation brings “ONE_STACK and MULTIIPLE (dispersers)”. The power cabinet provides dynamical reaching 240Kw according to the needs of the electric vehicles. The stack system can realize intelligent power distribution to dynamically distribute the out power of 1-120Kw according to the needs for the vehicle. The system at 30Kw can provide from one stack system of 8 modulars, 36 dispersers stations.

Reliable - Various protection can effectually avoid any accident, ensure safe and reliable performance.

Wide Range - Voltage output for 20 to 300Kw+. 200-1000V, Adjustable compatible various charging voltage requirement of EV battery.

Flexible - Multiple modules output in parallel, flexible configuration and easy maintenance.

OEM & ODM - Costumer can customized some features including the color, logo, functions, casting, etc.

GWI products safety comes first to our customers usage and all have input over/under voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output over current protection, insulation detection protection, battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, charging pile over-temperature protection, charging gun over-temperature protection, access control protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection, overcharge protection.