GW-150 Intelligent Twist-Lock Control Specifications

The GW-150 is a wireless energysaving intelligent controller used in the wireless lighting control system. The core components utilize an ARM control chip and one-line wireless communication module.

The GW-150 controller meets IEEE802.15.4 protocol for wireless communication and benefits from flexible networking, strong anti-interference/longdistance communication. The GW-150 utilizes a Mesh network in a reticular or star like structure.

The GW-150 controller contains an exclusive watt-hour meter chip for the measurement of current, voltage, and power usage of luminaires, the real-time collection of working status and power consumption of luminaires, the timely feedback of luminaire field conditions, and intelligent regulation with real-time responses.


  • Remote ON/OFF switch, dimming of luminaire
  • Remote monitoring of voltage, current, and power usage
  • Single-fixture or several-fixture
  • 85-305VAC voltage range
  • Standard interface
  • IP65 protection