GW-105-110-115 Standard Series Photocontrol


Gateway International 360's standard photocontrols are designed for the demands of HID and solid-state lighting (SSL), making them an excellent choice for LED, conventional & electronic HID, and Induction luminaires.


  • LED luminaires that require dusk to dawn control
  • Luminaires that use solid state ballasts/drivers (e.g. CFL, Induction,Electronic HID)
  • LED, HID, Induction, Fluorescent Systems, Roadways, Street Lighting,Parking Lots and Security Lighting


  • Silicon Light Sensor
  • FR4 fiberglass printed circuit board
  • Surge protection: 880J standard (2 - 440 joule MOVs) / 10,000 amps
  • Base gasket has a continuous use temperature of 105°C
  • Turn off delay: 2-5 seconds
  • Blue cover standard -- Other colors optional
  • IP65, optional IP67
  • 10 year one-for-one replacement warranty - labor not included


  • Remote ON/OFF switch, dimming of luminaire
  • Remote monitoring of voltage, current, and power usage
  • Single-fixture or several-fixture